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Highlights 38 spots around the city, including the best tea shop in Chinatown, a mini-park 11 stories in the air, a private library, and a bunch of amazing restaurants.
The map is printed on waterproof tear-resistant Tyvek. It's then folded up using an origami technique that allows it to smoothly open and close in one motion, and makes it impossible to misfold.



The map is printed by Yushin-Plus, an art printing company in Tokyo, and folded by the Miura-Ori Lab, also in Tokyo. Borgarmynd (Reykjavik) did the cartography. Aen Tan (Singapore) did the typography and layout. Eric Meltzer selected the spots and wrote the copy.

  • Constructed entirely of type 1056-D Tyvek
  • Waterproof and highly tear-resistant
  • Ships in a U-Line stayflat mailer

Rapid expansion
In order to accomodate quick consultation without fumbling or squinting, the map expands to full size at the pull of a flap. When folded, it's small enough to fit in the credit-card pocket of most wallets.

Stringent selection
TOC Map spots are chosen in order to provide a set of starting points to explore the city. Trends are ignored in order to provide a list of truly wonderful and underappreciated spots.

Careful craftsmanship
The map illustration was hand drawn at large scale, and then scaled down 20x in order to create a densely detailed image. Our art-house printer in Tokyo then uses a high quality lithographic process to print each map.

38 spots to explore
Photo by: Eric Wolfinger

4001 Judah St ☎ (415) 661-6140
Check hours here

Outerlands is located on the cold and foggy western edge of the city, a few blocks away from the Pacific Ocean. The weathered wood walls, chairs, tables, and driftwood arrangements make it an incredibly cozy spot to come into after a chilly beach walk.

The food (simple sandwiches and soups, made with extremely fresh and delicious ingredients) is great. To avoid long brunch wait-times, come a few minutes before the 10:00 opening time.

Photo by:

301 8th St ☎ (415) 252-8166
Open Wed only, 1PM-8PM. Confirm hours here

This private library's collection covers geology, urban planning, space exploration, outsider political narratives, and more. The library is "appropriation friendly" so if you see something interesting in their collection, you're free to snap a picture or use their scanner to make a copy!

Instead of the Dewey Decimal System, the library is organized to tell a grand story using it's entire collection, with each shelf devoted to a theme that neatly transitions into the next shelf. Check their website for a good overview before your visit.

655 Jackson St ☎ (415) 981-8988
M-Th: 11AM-10PM, Fr-Su: 11AM-11PM

San Francisco is a great place for Chinese food, but it's almost all southern-style, with very little in the way of other regional cuisines. This is pretty limiting; it'd be like if the only American food available in China was Cajun barbecue.

Z&Y is an exception—they specialize in Sichuan food, dripping in fresh chili peppers with pungent sauces and strong flavors. Sichuan chefs make liberal use of flower pepper, a spice that causes your entire mouth to go numb and tingly, allowing you to handle levels of spiciness that might otherwise leave you in tears.


"Clever-folding tyvek San Francisco map, with out-of-the-way landmarks"

"The Miura Fold is how you’d fold a map if you were awesome"


If you're in San Francisco, you can pick up a copy of the map at many local shops, including: