The Open Company Go Bag

A crowdfunded disaster preparedeness kit

Kickstarter Preview Link: Go Bag Kickstarter

To Know

Embargo Date: July 8th, 2014 @8AM Pacific Time
Kickstarter Launch Time: Same as Embargo Date Kickstarter Goal: $100,000 USD
Kickstarter URL: Pack Price: $225, shipped
Delivery Goal: January 2015
Tel: (408) 874-6552

What is the Open Company Go Bag?

The Go Bag is a custom-designed backpack pre-packed with all the gear you need to keep yourself and your community safe in the aftermath of a natural disaster. It was designed by a team of medical professionals, disaster response specialists, and members of the special forces community and includes a survival manual that allows people with no experience to do everything from treat head injuries to decipher FEMA search and rescue codes.

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Key Features

  • Inexpensive
    Go Bag gear packed into our custom backpack and delivered to your door costs less than half of what it would to buy the same gear yourself, with no pack.
  • No junky filler, serious gear only
    No dinky bandaids or glow sticks in our pack--the loadout is based on a combat medic bag and includes heavy-duty wound dressings, tourniquets, and trauma shears.
  • Includes survival manual
    The Go Bag includes a 200+ page survival manual that has instructions on everything from how to make a usable ladder from a piece of rope in under a minute, to how to make a proper tourniquet, to where to find drinkable water in an urban environment.
  • Automatic Reminders
    Kickstarter backers will receive reminder emails to check and refresh their pack supplies as consumables expire, so they don't need to worry about the pack being up to date when they need it

Why we created the Go Bag

Our first inspiration to design a disaster bag came from the footage we saw after Hurricane Katrina--thousands of families left helpless when the centralized agencies tasked with helping them didn't show up. We realized that we and our friends and family could end up similarly unprepared for disaster of that scale. As we researched the existing disaster bags out there, we realized there was a big split between cheap bags that provided nearly useless gear like glow sticks and alcohol wipes, and extremely expensive packs designed for search and rescue professionals. Our pack is designed to bridge that gap. It has all the high-performance gear that makes the difference in a disaster situation with no junk that drives up prices. We also set up great deals with manufacturers by ordering in bulk which has further allowed us to keep the price affordable.

Who are the founding team

  • Eric Meltzer, Project Lead
    Eric is on academic leave from Peking University in Beijing. His previous projects include an origami map of San Francisco, which was successfully funded on Kickstarter, and a series of perfect tees. He speaks fluent Mandarin, which comes in handy when working with Chinese factories.
  • Greg Hadfield, Medical Advisor
    Greg is a former Airborne Ranger and Pararescue Jumper, an instructor at Deployment Medicine Int'l, as well as an alumnus of Stanford University.
  • Calli Beck, Designer
    Designer and artist with experience in everything from workwear to shade structures
  • Steven Lane, Medical Advisor
    UCSF MD, Family Medicine Doctor at PAMF, experience conducting medical operations in the developing world.
  • Simon Saichek, Medical Advisor
    Whitewater rafting guide and EMT with extensive wilderness medicine experience
  • Justin Jach, Videographer
    Documentary filmmaker, recently covered nascent hackerspace movement in the Middle East. Speaks fluent Spanish and Portugeuse.