The Open Company

At a time when quality has become an empty synonym for "expensive" we're here to create truly well-made things and sell them at a reasonable price.

We value transparency, which means every product you can buy from us comes with information about where it was made, and by whom, and out of what materials. We think that everyone has a responsibility to make sure they aren't just filling the world up with disposable junk, so everything we make has to pass the twin tests of physical durability and prolonged usefulness.

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We're on twitter: @theopencompany

Privacy, Shipping, Refunds

The fastest way to get an answer to a question is to give us a call at the office: +1 (408)-874-6552. If you prefer email, try: Our privacy policy is viewable here, and our shipping timeframe and refund policy is here.


Our company blog is called Behind the Scenes. We talk about the process behind making each product, and we hope to be able to help others who are also interested in making products at large scale!